February 25, 2010


I think of this blog as a place for me to gather inspiring and beautiful things. I intend to be upbeat and positive but I do occasionally enjoy chuckling at other people's misfortune... especially when it comes to photoshop. A blog I follow is appropriately called Photoshop Disasters and I find it highly entertaining. I grabbed some of my favorites from the last few months for your amusement:

There's the typical missing element:

A front wheel perhaps?

Or a reflection?

Or even a leg.

And then there are ones that mess with your brain:


Lastly, you know someone got fired for this mistake:

big oops.

[For those of you who aren't designers, lorem ipsum is latin. We use latin as a placeholder for text because it has a similar look to english without distracting anyone from trying to read what it's saying]

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