October 27, 2010

decorating with type

I know I'm a type dork but seriously, how cool are these typographic decorations?

Here are some letterpress letters from Jessica Hische that I'm just a little bit obsessed with.

I couldn't even decide which letters to show. Check out the H and the Z too. They are all so interesting individually but go so well together. She mentions on her site that a great wedding present would be 2 letters and an ampersand. Brilliant!

And can you imagine a cooler set of drawers?

These are from Kent and London and are solid oak. I want them for my office.

October 22, 2010


In the spirit of the season, here are some beautiful apple-inspired objects.

Studded Brass Apple - This one reminds me of my grandmother who had a collection of various studded fruits in glass.

Apple Pot - So simple and elegant.

Wooden Apple Box - I really like the pattern on this one and the use of color.

Happy Fall! (It's my favorite season, can you tell?)

October 20, 2010

calendar goodness

Here's another awesome calendar for 2011. Perfect for a type lover or designer.

A Year in Caps by Heather Lins. I love how the type overlays and is still super legible and elegant.


October 15, 2010

colorful wall decals

Here are some of my favorite colorful wall decals. I think these are a brilliant design solution, especially in a child's bedroom as they are easy to switch as the child grows.

Tree with Birds from Couture Deco. I love their single-color decals. I think it would be really easy to plan a room around just one color.

Noah's African Circus from Pop & Lolli. On a neutral wall, these colorful animals would make anyone happy.

Big Blowing Cherry Blossom Tree from Surface Inspired. This one looks very elegant and would work for a girl at almost any age.

I've never used these but they are supposed to be easy to apply and easy to remove. Such a great way to spice up a room!

October 13, 2010

logo redesign fail

The Gap tried to roll out a new logo recently.

After 1 week and tons of bad feedback, they reverted to the original.

Reverting to the original makes them look weak and wishy-washy, but in this case I think it was the right decision. The new logo lacks the height and elegance of the original and uses helvetica which is one of the most ubiquitous fonts available. I hope other companies take this as a lesson - don't re-brand for no reason, and don't roll out a new logo unless you're sure it's an improvement.

October 8, 2010

colorful notebooks

I love these simple, vibrantly colored notebooks from Ecosystem. They are customizable (3 different sizes, lines, grids, inside pockets), made from 100% recycled paper, affordable ($10-20) and made in the USA.

Aren't they delicious?

October 4, 2010

calendar time

I love this mini desk calendar from Paper Source. It works great as one large piece but how cute that it has a tiny little stand. This would look perfect on my desk.

Can you believe it's already calendar time?