October 13, 2010

logo redesign fail

The Gap tried to roll out a new logo recently.

After 1 week and tons of bad feedback, they reverted to the original.

Reverting to the original makes them look weak and wishy-washy, but in this case I think it was the right decision. The new logo lacks the height and elegance of the original and uses helvetica which is one of the most ubiquitous fonts available. I hope other companies take this as a lesson - don't re-brand for no reason, and don't roll out a new logo unless you're sure it's an improvement.


  1. ill bet they had a reason, but to your point probably didnt get proper feedback before the release. i hope they didnt order new signs for all their retail stores

  2. From what I understand they started rolling out online and didn't get further than that - smart to start that way! And I'm sure there was a lot of thinking that went into it behind the scenes, but from an outsider perspective, not a smooth move.