December 21, 2012


What is more comforting than a chocolate chip cookie?

I know this is a design blog but hear me out. I'm kind of an expert in chocolate chip cookies. They are my go-to treat for parties, gifts, and general consumption. My life changed when I saw a design mom post on the nuance of the chocolate chip cookie. Adding extra flour has made my usually flat (but extremely tasty) cookies into little works of perfection. I exaggerate but yesterday was cookie baking day (for teacher presents and santa, of course) and they turned out so beautifully. All thanks to a shift in the brown-white sugar ratio and a little extra flour. Perfection.

Also of note, my oven (in my new house which I love!) has a cancel button next to the timer button. More than once I pressed it to turn off the timer and, in fact, turned off the oven. Not that easy to bake cookies when the oven's off. Especially if you don't know it. Suffice it to say an emergency trip to get more butter and chocolate chips and extra hours into the night to work on batch #2 is what really made this endeavor a success.

Please remind me next year that gift cards are the way to go. Except for Santa. He needs chocolate-based fuel for the long night.

Happy Holidays everyone!
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