February 19, 2010


Having designed letterhead for clients, as part of school projects, and for my own business I have some experience in how difficult it can be. Really. It's not easy. I recently found a great blog called Letterheady that showcases a wide arrange of historic (and some recent) examples of letterhead. It's great for inspiration and historic perspective. Here are a few of my favorites: (all found on Letterheady)

This one blows my mind. It's from 1920. Look at the use of type and negative space. It seems like European designers are willing to take risks in a way that American designers aren't. Or maybe I'm just talking about me. Either way, I admire their freedom. (and their TV commercials - so funny!)

As a point of comparison here is letterhead from Anheuser-Busch in 1934.

This one is from NASA in 1961. I like the crazy all-caps and letterspacing. Hard to read but definitely new and space-agey.

Playstreet Inc, 1969. God love the 60's.

This is for a Visitors Center in Columbus, Indiana. 1973. I think it's so cute and playful. Fun! Almost fun enough to make me want to visit Indiana.

If I did my job correctly you will see that this 2009 letterhead from Pixel Flix has influences that go back to 80 years or more. Pretty cool, right?


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