February 3, 2010

numbers, numbers, and more numbers

I would like to take a minute to sing the praises of old style figures. Thank you type designers for finding a way to make numbers look and feel vibrant and engaging.

When you're working on a piece that is dense with tables and numbers it makes a huge difference. Just look at the way the 6 reaches up and the 7 points down below the baseline. Such elegance!


  1. looks like the designer changed point size on numbers 3-9 and made them a bit larger. Interesting approach to type design. So what is the font size? The size of the number 2 or the size of the number 3?

  2. no no! they're both Meta Book 48pt. The first example was designed to mimic lower-case letter forms - some are squat, some have ascenders, some have descenders. That way they're so much nicer to look at. The typeface also includes standard numbers in case you want uniformity.