January 5, 2011

resume inspiration

Take a look at this collection of 40 creative design resumes. Resume design is really difficult. It has to look like a design resume but also has to be legible, clear and easy-to-follow.

Here are my 4 favorites.

CV by Verine - Successfully including a timeline in a resume is no easy feat. This one is clear and easy to read and I love the use of the CMYK color palette. So simple and bold. The only thing I don't love is the photo.

Resume by xiruxiru - I adore the colors and the fruit theme in this one. It's fun and happy and delicious all at the same time. My only concern is that some of the fruit seems to be squished to fit and there's a slight blue box around the strawberries.

Resume by Kyuzengi - Keeping it simple with type and color. Love it.

Resume by heeeeman - Another timeline. This one is more complicated but still easy to follow. My only concern here is the intersection of some of the text and line areas. Fading out the red lines makes it a little cluttered looking.

These are not something you see every day. I love finding things like this for inspiration!
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