January 17, 2011

logo redesigns

In the last couple of weeks I have noticed 2 big logo redesigns. Starbucks and Comedy Central. Both have received a fair amount of negative feedback but I think they are both successful.

Starbucks - I've always felt their logo was too busy and difficult to scale. By removing the wordmark and keeping it simple they solve that problem. It's also still circular and green and therefore totally recognizable. I don't think anyone's going to be confused if they see someone drinking from a cup with the new logo. Still, it's different enough to spark interest and conversation. Well done.

Comedy Central - I think this is a huge improvement. People have been complaining that it's too plain and looks too much like the copyright symbol (which is funny! It's called comedy people!). I think it's clear, simple, scaleable, and applicable to the many different looks of the shows and pieces they produce. Their original logo was too detailed and cartoonish to work in the way a modern multimedia logo needs to work. It has to be flexible and encompass the total brand experience. It has to animate interestingly as well as work on the website and in print format. This logo does all of that. Again, well done.
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