April 30, 2010

poster design

I've been working on a lot of trade show graphics recently - large-scale banners and stands. Design at that scale is quite different from the kinds of things I normally work on - small hand-held reports and brochures. It got me thinking about poster design. I've never had a client ask me to design a poster (the trade show graphics are as close as I get). In art school posters were not exactly my strong point but I knocked one out of the park in an early typography class. We had to design a type-only poster about a type designer.

Eric Gill, this one's for you: (see a full-size .pdf here)

I worked on this for a class in the fall of 2003. Not much of what I did then stands up now but I still adore this poster. If I could change one thing I would take out the hyphen. Not bad for some of my earliest design work!

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