September 22, 2015

onesie decoration

My friend since sophomore year English class, Laura, is due next month with a baby boy. Words cannot express how excited I am about this. New baby smell! New baby snuggles! I get to go home after a visit and sleep soundly through the night! It's really a win-win for me.

Laura's mom and four of her friends (including me) worked so hard to throw her the BEST. BABY. SHOWER. EVER. And it was! Truly. Delicious food, great people, amazing cake, and hard cider! Yum!

Inspired by this post (after googling "onesie decoration that doesn't suck") I convinced my fellow baby-shower-planners to let me set up a onesie decoration table. It was AMAZING. They turned out gorgeous! Everyone had fun!

This is Mary. You can tell she's having so much fun. She's also super ultra smart. 

This is Kim. You can tell how proud she is of this newt onesie. So very proud.

The process involved using peel and stick fabric fuse to turn quilting squares into stickers. I made stencil shapes in cardstock ahead of time - hearts, moons, animals, etc. - to help give people ideas and a starting point. To create the onesie you just trace a shape on the back of the fabric sticker, cut it out, and stick it on. It is really that easy. 

I also had fabric markers and lettering stencils for anyone who wanted to write a message or draw free-hand. By using a mix of colored and white onesies of varying sizes, we ended up with a very unique collection. 

It was so fun to plan this and have it executed exactly the way I envisioned. So many sweetly designed, homemade onesies that are beautiful to look at! 
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  1. okay but seriously, this was THE BEST onesie decorating I have ever experienced!! Jess = genius.