April 6, 2011

fabulous packaging

Here are some gorgeous and truly inspiring package designs that I ran into at Creature Comforts. I don't have a lot of experience with package design but seeing things like this makes me want to branch out!

Designed for Marks & Spencer by illustrator Stuart Kolakovic. I feel soothed by this tea without even drinking it.

Designed for Life.NK from Space.NK by illustrator Mio Matsumoto. I love the simplicity of each illustration and the relationship to each product's intended affects. So cool!

Designed for 8th Continent by artist Ben Javens. I love the use of color and the consistency across the flavors while still having each one look unique and identifiable.

Great packaging makes my day.
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  1. Thanks for the comment! Just to be clear I didn't illustrate or design these. I posted them as inspiration.